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Thank you for visting NZ-Surrogacy.  If you are interested in joining our Message Board, please fill out this online registration form by clicking here.

Please choose your username wisely as this is the name you will be known by on our Message Board.
Also make sure you type your email address correctly as we have had the odd email account bounce when we try to contact you with your password.

*PLEASE NOTE*  We no longer accept HOTMAIL , YAHOO or FREE accounts for security reasons, so please sign up using your paid  ISP "Internet service provider" account, ie...xtra, ihug, slingshot, bigpond..etc...

A moderator will notify you shortly to let you know if your membership has been approved, usually within a few days. Once approved, you will be issued a temporary password to allow you access to the Message Board. You will need to change the password once you have logged on.
To change your password click on the "my controls" and then select "change password".

Thank you for taking the time to complete this  form.
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